Friday, January 23, 2015

Knits and Lace


Happy Friday! I came across this meme that said "woo hoo it's Friday! Oh wait... I'm a mom" haha and that couldn't be more true! I just wish my munchkin would sleep in just a little on the weekends...maybe one day :)  
So I bought this skirt almost two summers ago and I have never worn it. I wasn't really sure what to pair it with and I definitely didn't think about wearing it in the winter. I have been seeing a lot of cream colored skirts with black tights lately and they all look so cute so I decided to dig this skirt out and pair it with one of my knit sweaters. It's a super easy outfit to put together and looks like you tried a little extra which is always nice! I hope you all have a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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