Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cara Loren Boyfriend Tee



 I don't know about you, but this whole time change thing is throwing me off big time. I don't even know where today went let alone the weekend! I hope you all had a great one though.
So a little over a year ago I came across Cara Loren's blog. She is a gorgeous mama of two little boys and has amazing style! I am kind of obsessed lol. So when she announced a couple days ago that she had launched her own clothing line I was SO EXCITED. Right away I went to her site and fell in love with everything. I have never owned a boyfriend tee before but have always loved the look of them, so I ordered myself two of hers ( and I will probably be getting all the others because they are that great). They are very lightweight and super soft and are going to be perfect for the spring season.
Not only did she come out with Women's clothing but also clothes for your kiddos which are absolutely darling!  So do yourself a favor and go check her pieces out!
Thanks for stopping by.

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